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About Chanie Wilschanski, DiscoverED Preschool Consulting in New York

Chanie Wilschanski, M.S.Ed

Chanie Wilschanski and Family - DiscoverED Preschool Consulting in New York

Why Chanie?

A lot of people know me as the “mom with great ideas” or the “super creative teacher.”

The truth is that I’ve had the privilege of working with 1000+ teachers worldwide!

In 6 continents and 16 different countries.

I empower your teachers to make dramatic shifts in how they operate in their classrooms and how they connect with children.

I guide directors to create the vision and school they have always dreamed about.


We may be a good fit if...

  • You really believe in Early Childhood Education. You believe in the value of child-centered work.

  • You believe you need to invest in your teachers if you want to see growth.

  • You understand that having a deep relationship with the children and parents comes from intentional, hard work (not just from being superficial and saying a superficial, "good morning").

  • You're getting tired, or are almost at the stage of burnout and are thinking you may have to give up.

  • Your school is really struggling, about to go under, and you need someone to come in and pull you back up.

  • You have veteran teachers, new teachers, ANY teachers that you need help training or getting on board with your vision.

  • You're willing to play ball with me when it comes to follow-up and holding your teachers accountable (don't worry – I'll teach you how to do this effectively).


We may NOT be a good fit if...

  • You're just trying to check off your Professional Development box.

  • You're looking for a quick, 1-hour training to fill a time slot.

  • You want to buy a certain amount of time from me – this is a process and a commitment to be in this for the long haul. The results (and magic) happen in the follow-up. So if you're not willing to do the work with me and hold your staff accountable for what I teach, then we're not a good fit.


Think we may be a good fit for each other? Let's talk.

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Meet Chanie.

I want to live in a world where...

Every teacher loves to come to work everyday.

Every child has a deep connection and relationship with their teacher.

Every director becomes a leader and knows how to inspire, motivate and create!

Fun, Personal Facts about Chanie:

  • I was an Early Childhood teacher for 8 years. I got into my current business because other teachers kept asking me to share my tips and strategies with them. After teaching my first few workshops, I realized THIS was my mission!

  • I'm a mom of 3 kids. (2 year old, 4 years and 6 year old kids.)

  • I absolutely love to get super messy and go all out crazy with my kids! We love paint, shaving cream and water beads- and we love it when it's all over the dining room floor!

  • I love taking long walks on the Brooklyn Bridge with my husband.

  • I have a plastic swimming pool in my house that serves as a sensory bin. And my kids get into bathing suits when they get home 12 months a year so we can get messy!

  • I read at least 2 books a week. (And I write thank you cards to the authors for writing these awesome books.)

  • I despise cleaning! After I sweep my kitchen floor I need to rest for 20 minutes with my feet up! And sometimes I get myself a treat for doing it well!


Professional Bio

Chanie Wilschanski began her teaching career as an early childhood educator, spending eight years teaching infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. While teaching in Manhattan’s highly innovative and acclaimed Preschool of the Arts, she began to develop her vision of a creative, progressive and revolutionary path in early education.

In 2013, Chanie took a break from her teaching to pursue higher studies at Mercy College where she received her Masters in Special Education and Early Childhood.

In 2014, using her training and creative talents, Chanie developed, wrote and published a curriculum support book for the early childhood classroom that has sold hundreds of copies!

In addition, Chanie currently directs the early childhood program at the Beis Rivkah Seminary in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY


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