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Social Story

Chanie WilschanskiComment

As a mom of 3 kids, Thank G-d , I am always juggling everything. But with all the juggling there are some balls that are bound to drop! In this case, slowly I was watching how my son, (5) was answering back to everything that my husband and I would say. 

He would stomp his feet if he didn't like what he heard or he would answer back with a wise comment comeback. It had to stop. The question was how? 

I wanted to find a solution so I turned to my trusty social story. Social stories were created by Carol Grey. Their purpose is to teach an expectation or a skill that is lacking. The story is used as a positive reinforcer to teach the expectation and good behavior. It is NOT to be used as a punishment. 

When writing what they expectation was, I sat down with Mendele and we discussed and role played different scenarios that had happened in the past. He told me how he felt about it and I explained to him that even when he was frustrated or doesn't like what he hears, it isn't OK to speak that way to mommy or Tatty. 

We discussed the difference between different types of questions and comments and tone of voice and we role played through that as well. When we began to write the text for the story, he was with me the entire time. 

When writing the expectation, It is equally as important to empower the child with options! What should they do when they are upset? What can they do when they feel they wan to say a comment? So we discussed 2 options that we were both OK with. 

In addition to the story, I wanted him to earn something for holding in his comments or phrasing his questions in a respectful way. 

I bought the coin jar from amazon. 

This coin jar allows him to earn money for good behavior and it calculates how much money he has inside the jar! He loves it. He has a specific toy in mind that he really wants and is working really hard to earn it!. 

We read the book every morning and when he gets home from school. Its a special time we have together when he read it and it's a constant reminder to him to make smart choices. 

The book that is in the attachment below is a ready made book! Just download and print. I left space for you to write your child's name and the boxes are spaces to add pictures. 

You can get creative and add your own things as well. Try to make it as personal as possible. That's what really helps the child connect with it! 

If you have any questions about the text, or how to put it together or how to present it to your child. please comment on this page and I will my best to answer! 

Thanks for reading and I hope you and your children enjoy this book. :)