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What's for Breakfast?

Chanie WilschanskiComment

My alarm clocks rings and I move my hand over to push the snooze button. As I roll over for another 5 minutes of treasured sleep I'm thinking about what's for breakfast? Am I in for another morning of 5 different requests. "Mommy I want toast" "Mommy I don't like this yogurt." "Yesterday we had eggs, I want pancakes! and add the chocolate chips." 

What about what mommy wants? Mommy would like to order some coffee and quiet. Many times we think about what's for supper as it comes across as a more daunting task but breakfast is the most important meal of the day! This is what the kids start off with before we kiss them goodbye as they head off to greet their friends, school demands and any other requests for that day. 

Below is a rotating system of different breakfast options. Children take turns picking a choice and mommy can prepare it the night before.

1. Pancake batter can be made the night before and stored in a closed container. 

2. Eggs can be checked and beaten the night before in a bowl with shredded cheese. 

3. Yogurt and strawberries can be prepared in separate bowls covered with saran wrap and add the granola in the morning. 

4. Cereal can be prepared in zip lock bags - one for each child. This eliminates the cheerios all over the floor as there are no boxes in sight! 

5.Grill cheese sandwiches can have the cheese inside the bread in the fridge and prepare the sandwich maker on the counter. 

All these steps make for a smoother morning. One where the children are sitting and eating one breakfast that you made for everyone and you can enjoy what you ordered: Coffee and quiet :) 

Click below to download the breakfast options.