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Dance in Time Square like a nut?

Chanie Wilschanski8 Comments

You have expectations.


We all do!


I expect my cleaning lady to have my house looking ship shape and smelling beautiful with sparkling clean countertops …..


Given that I walked out of the house while my feet crunched on Cheerios and my countertops had crumbs and maybe some other ick leftover from a smoothie that my 6 year old tried to clean up….


But here is the thing, while you are all thinking, “My gosh! Chanie is such a mess!”


I’ll come right out and say it, “I hate cleaning, despise it! Every single moment that I need to sweep a floor, fold underwear or wash a pot, I am cringing inside!”


I’d rather take on a dare and dance like a total nut in Times Square than sweep my kitchen floor after dinner.


As a director you might enjoy sparkling clean classrooms


  • Clutter free counters

  • Shelves and furniture that are clear - not one single paper!

  • The flour and baking soda from the morning activity was put away and there aren't paint brushes in the sink!


Can you imagine???!!!!


But here is the catch - at what cost????


Would you repeatedly badger someone you respect? NO!


Do you focus on what your husband doesn’t do for you? (I hope not)


That’s because - whatever you focus on in life you get more of.


Ever notice how when you're in the market for a new car - all of sudden there are hundreds of the exact car you are looking for?


How strange?


Ever realize that when you stop obsessing over something to happen- it takes it’s course and it happens?


Focus on what you WANT in your school NOT your expectations.


The way you change your focus is by being grateful.


The moment we stop thinking about ourselves and focus on what we are grateful for - our entire being changes.


Think about what expectations are.


  • I want a clean school

  • I want beautiful documentation boards

  • I want happy parents

  • I want creative and thought provoking provocations

  • I want a great team of teachers

  • I want the best school


Everything is about what you want.


Take a minute right now and be grateful for something in your school.


Not what you want - focus on what you already have.


You can be grateful for


  • 1 week of no parent complaints

  • 2 days in a row of every teacher coming on time

  • A new teacher warming up and joining lunch with the other teachers

  • A shy teacher coming in and asking for your advice

  • A parent who send a thankful email


There are countless things to be grateful for in your school.


Whatever it is in your life that lights you up and make you be full of gratitude.


So here is my action step for you

Tomorrow when you see something a teacher is doing that you don't like, or you see something in the school that you wish was different.


Switch! Switch to gratitude - allow yourself to take 2 minutes to be grateful for something that your have in your school.


Everyone has 2 minutes!


If a teacher who is usually texting throughout a meeting, doesn’t take out her phone that day - TELL HER!


Why do we only call out on our staff when they do something wrong. And we are super specific about what crime they committed?


But when they do good things, even small ones, we let it fly….

Or we just say,


“I appreciate that”

“Thank you for doing that”



Is that all we have time for?


Do you know that employees spend close to 6 hours every week complaining about their boss!!!


That’s a lot of time!


I believe that EVERY director can do more than that!


Be grateful for what your staff do and strive for.


The teacher who had a child throw up on her, and then needed to deal with a biting incident and after that had a parent come late to pick up….


What can you tell her?


Most directors would say, “real trooper, that was a hard day, thanks so much for dealing with everything in stride.”




That night you send her a private voice memo - thanking her and expressing your gratitude for what she had to deal with that day.

And the next morning you buy her favorite food. And leave a note “have a great day”


That's a leader!

That is a director who focuses on gratitude!

Does it take more time? Yes a few more minutes….


But what does an extra 3 minutes mean to that a teacher?


So back to you,

What are you committing to focus on?

How will you show your staff gratitude this week?


Please hit reply and let me know.

We have a few hundred directors who are reading this email.


Lets see how many of you are really committed to being leaders in your school and want to be grateful for your staff.


I’ll be compiling all the responses and sharing them with all of you, so you can learn from other directors and what they do for gratitude.


Don’t worry - I will not post names :)


Till next time,

Be Grateful!