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A recovering control freak!

Chanie Wilschanski1 Comment

What do the president of the world bank, Ceo of Walmart, Ceo of Ford, and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies have in common?

They have a leadership coach and his name is Marshall Goldsmith. 

If you google “helping successful leaders” all the searches will point to one person - Marshall. 

Why am I sharing this with you? 

Why should you care about Fortune 500 companies and the world bank?

And even more, why should care about who coaches these CEO’s?

For those of you who have been reading my blog for some time know that I LOVE to find what works in other markets and industries and apply them to early childhood. 

I believe the most successful people are ALWAYS learning from everyone. 

I’ve read 3 of Marshall’s books, 

What got you wont get you there is a brilliant book on the 20 toxic success blockers of successful leaders - I've read it 3 times!!!! 

As a recovering control freak - I am slowly learning how to let go and delegate more. And my husband, kids and team members are grateful and thankful for it. 

More importantly, I’m learning how to speak less, ask better questions and transfer ownership. 

When I do, my kids are surprisingly smarter than I think.

My husband remembers to do the things I need and he even adds his special touch, if I just let go!!

And my team members are truly brilliant! They ask me great questions and have made my life so much more fulfilling! It so amazing to have incredibly, smart, dedicated and creative people working with me. 

Habit 2 in his book is - adding too much value. 

  • As a leader in your school teachers are constantly sharing their ideas with you. 
  • During a meeting you might be asking for feedback from teachers. 
  • Parents will share their input at morning arrival or a meeting
  • The school board, the dean, everyone has something to say to you.

And you probably have opinions about each of them and in some cases very strong opinions. Or even mild suggestions. 

Here’s a typical scene I’ve witnessed countless of times (not with the exact materials- but similar concept)

“Hey, I wanted to share with you this amazing creative idea I'll be doing with the children today, it involves acorns and paint and the children will be exploring the different mediums, I'll see how it goes”

You listen and nod your head, excited that the teacher has a great idea and then….

“I love this idea, it’s really amazing and i'm sure the kids will love it, if you want there are also some pine cones in the supply closet and you can add that to your table as well.” 

Seemingly harmless? Right?

All you did was tell her that there are pine cones in the closet. 

You added maybe 10% value to the project and stripped away close to 80% commitment. 

It’s not her idea anymore, it's yours. 

As Marshall says, the higher you go in the chain of command the more your suggestions and seemingly harmless opinions become commands. 

I will recommend his book as a must read for all leaders! 

And I don’t just recommend any book. 
I read an average of 2-3 books per week, so I know which books are truly worth your time, since we don't have a lot of it. 

So why am I suddenly sharing with you about Marshall….

I have landed the opportunity to interview Marshall! 
I have prepared a line up of great questions where I'll be asking him for strategies on being a successful leader

I’ve been following Marshall’s work for years! I read his books, blog and listened to interviews that he has done. And I’m thrilled to be interviewing him through the Early Childhood lens. 

  • We’ll talk about how to add value the right way
  • How to keep your team motivated
  • And how to become more self aware as a leader so you can truly serve your people! 
  • And much more

Since you are my valued friends and loyal subscribers, I wanted to give you a heads up and give you a chance to email me any questions you would want to ask Marshall.

And of course, as a subscriber - you will get FREE access to this interview as soon as it becomes available. 

So leave a comment below with your biggest questions about leadership so I can weave these questions into our interview.