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5 Instantly Effective Secrets to Building Registration

Chanie WilschanskiComment

Let me tell a story about a director…..

Sarah was a confident and capable director. She build a reputation in her town of being an innovative school with an incredible progressive program. Parents loved her and they were really happy. Her staff were unique and they truly loved every child and created a warm and loving environment in each classroom.

When Sarah shared this picture with me she still had some hesitation in her voice. I thought to myself, “What could possibly be wrong? She has the dream school?”

Sarah went on to explain that there seemed to be some disconnect. She had a very low enrollment and it took her a long time to fill up her classes.

She couldn't figure out why parents weren't enrolling?

They were happy. There was a great program. Good teachers. What was it?

Sarah's story isn't unique to her. In my time as an Educational Coach, I have had the privilege of personally speaking with dozens of directors! Each conversation going for well over an hour. During this time I have seen a pattern in the way directors enroll students in their school. 

Human nature is to procrastinate. When we need to make a decision, we usually put it off and wait till we must, or pushed against the wall. Or we look for every possible reason why there might be something else better out there. Especially in today’s world,everyone is looking for the next best thing.

So, the real question is, How do we get parents to take action?

When parents come in for a tour, How can we get them to sign up?

When parents call in for a interview, how can they sign up?

Furthermore, what type of marketing strategy are you using?

Are you attracting the right type of parent to your school?

Or are you marketing to everybody and hoping to see whoever comes to your door, and then you'll take anyone?

These struggles can really wear you down. In your constant hustle and bustle to enroll more children, you neglect other important things in the school.

For example, hiring the right teachers! You end up taking whoever comes to your door, simply because you don't have time, you are trying to get kids in the door, so you can pay the teachers' salaries!

If only there was a better way!?!?

Thankfully, there is, and I created this FREE eBook especially for you!

5 Instantly Effective Secrets to Building Registration

In this eBook you are going to learn…..

  • How to enroll more new students in your school, even if the thought of talking to parents makes you sweat bullets!    

  • The mistake made by close to 80% of directors in their enrollment process, and what to do to guarantee this doesn't happen to YOU.

  • How to implement the 10X formula to increase traffic and potential leads all the way to your school doors!

  • How to be a “super connector.” Many directors spend years trying to achieve this and never figure it out.

  • How to ask the right questions. When you miss this critical step, you are losing out on dozens of potential registrants.

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