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Pull Back The Curtain On My Morning - In My Kitchen :)

Chanie WilschanskiComment

Pull back the curtain on my morning - in my kitchen :) 

My morning alarm clock goes off and I start thinking about the day. New ideas start churning in my head, “Gosh, that’s a great idea!” I quickly take out my notepad and jot down some notes.

I hear my baby Chayale talking to herself in her crib. Walking into the room I notice a stain on the pink shades, “Hmm, these shades would be awesome for some Jackson Pollack painting.” My mind continues wandering about where I will get some paint…

“Mommy!” and I’m off with the rest of my crew working through the morning routine.

“I hate dark blue! I only want colorful tights.” Goldie (4-years-old) makes sure to let me know while my Keurig machine is brewing my coffee. I continue to think about a million new ideas that that I want to do for the directors and teachers, and oh, this awesome new software that I also wanted to check out. 

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FOCUS! FOCUS! I tell myself a thousand times in my head! It is not brainstorming time now! Now you are a mommy. Be with the kids. Be present. 

AHH, that phrase be present. FOCUS, be productive.

What am I supposed to do to get in the flow, to truly let my creative mind just flow and let every idea marinate in my head and enter completely?

So I can see the whole idea, each angle, each part.  What it looks like feels like, smells like.

Smell? Smell? Oh shoot! The eggs burned… There, I let my mind wander again.

And these eggs burned, after Mendele (6-years-old) had asked so nicely this morning for eggs.

I make a quick look at the clock. We have 7 minutes. I place the deck of cards in his hand.

“It’s okay, Mommy, I'll have a bagel.”

G-d bless my son for being flexible that morning, because I sure wasn’t doing great modeling…

Sometimes, I wonder why it’s important to be creative? 
What value does it offer other people?                                                                
What do we stand to gain by allowing ourselves to immerse in creative flow?

I wave goodbye to my daughter as she gets on the bus, and keep my hand waving as the bus stopped by the red light.

(I need to be a good mom. All the other moms on the block are still waving. I guess i should also be doing that, even though I kissed my daughter, hugged and all the other special rituals before she got on the bus.)

What everyone else does is important. We all follow “social norms” (whatever that means). We observe, listen, look and take notes of our next moves.

In this short video, I talk about the 3 habits of creative people and how you can learn to become more creative in your home and as a leader in education. 

Habit 1 - Be Active

A study out of Stanford University revealed that a person’s creative output is increased by 60% when walking, as opposed to sitting. It doesn’t matter if you go for a walk outside or pace around your office, as it’s the act of walking, not the environment it happens in.

How awesome is that?!

Habit 2 - Be Courageous

 "If you are afraid of being wrong or losing, your creativity will suffer!"

Be courageous and make mistakes, then pick yourself up and try again.

Habit 3 - Be a Reader!

Great leaders know one thing: Nothing interesting can come out of your brain that you don't put it in first!

I’m an avid reader. In fact, I go through a minimum of 2 books a week! This is in addition to articles, videos trainings, and personal conversations I have with mentors.

Click on the video link to learn practical action steps for these habits.

Under the video you will see a link. Just click the link below and find out to download your cheat sheet of the 3 Habits of Creative People and more creativity strategies. You’ll also find out about something special that I’ll be doing exclusively for directors.

Go ahead click now!


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