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How Well Do You Play?

Chanie WilschanskiComment

I used to make generalizations about why a day was good or bad. I would assume it was good because of this, and it tanked because of that. As I started to build, grow, and expand, I started to realize the simple yet eye opening patterns of my day that really predicted what kind of day I would ultimately have.

These patterns are the 5 Performance Pillars. One of my mentors, Todd Herman shared this effective strategy to discover the real keys to leverage your success and I want to share them with you.

1. Mental Focus -

  • How well do you plan your day?
  • Do you plan your day, or does it happen to you?
  • From the activities that you planned that day, how many of them were truly your strength? (Want to discover your strengths?)
  • Do you set specific targeted goals for each day, or is it more whatever comes in front of your face is what you deal with?

2. Emotional - This is your attitude.

  • What emotional attitude do you bring to the day?
  • Did you go into the day thinking you will just “survive” today?
  • Do you go into stressed and anxious?

3. Physical -

  • How much activity did you have in your day?
  • Did you get out of the office, your desk, the building?
  • Did you walk around and say hello to the people in your building?

4. Social Tribe -

  • Did you make any new relationships today?
  • Did you cultivate existing relationships with friends or people from your network?
  • Was today a day that you didn’t really get support from people that you needed to?

“The quality of your life is connected to quality of your relationships”
Tony Robbins

5. Life Fuel (Nutrition)

  • What did you fuel your body with today?
  • What did you eat today?


When you track these pillars, you can begin to see a pattern.

  • What day did I accomplish the most? When was I at my peak?
  • What did I do that day- that made me prime and optimized my day to the fullest?
  • Did I have support that day?
  • Did I eat better?
  • Did I move around?
  • Did I plan the night before?
  • What did I do?

When you start seeing these patterns, you can learn how play bigger, better and smarter!



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