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Your teacher’s language of appreciation

Chanie WilschanskiComment

Appreciation - what does this word even mean?

Everyone likes to be appreciated and it feels great. However, many of us feel that it’s a bonus to get appreciation. Saying thank you to an employee does beyond our call of duty.

We pay them! They should do their job.

Where it gets even harder is that appreciation doesn’t always mean that you show the person that they are valued.

This is where transformation happens - showing a teacher that she is valued by you and that she is an asset to the school bring the commitment to a whole new level!

Want your staff to feel valued?

Do you want your staff to bring a level of commitment and dedication to the job that they haven't before?

Wish your team would put in more effort and really bring their best to the “playing field” everyday?

Then watch this short clip and then download the PDF on “Tell me more”.


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