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When I Became a Hostage to My Inbox

Chanie WilschanskiComment

Last week I went on vacation with my husband. Just the two of us and we left our 3 children at home with a good friend of mine.

For those of you who don’t know me well, this is an annual tradition for us. Every single year, no matter what is going on in our lives we make it our business to get away for 2-3 days without our kids.

Over the years we have enjoyed some incredible experiences and have created fantastic memories. This year I decided to really go all in but also encountered some setbacks in what I really thought I was capable of.

When I was preparing for the vacation, I decided to create a vacation autoresponder. The first time in my life I have ever made one!

On top of that, I told myself that I wouldn’t check my email or Facebook for the 3 days that I was away.

It started off without a hitch. I really wasn’t checking my inbox.

Could I really do this for 3 days?

Nope! I caved.

Early in the morning when my husband went off to pray, I just had to check for one second.

I had to creep into my inbox and let other people intrude on my vacation!


Why did I HAVE TO check and see who needed something from me?

What emergency was in my inbox that couldn’t possibly wait until I got back home?


There weren't any emails that couldn't have waited until I got home, yet I slipped up and checked my inbox when I promised myself I wouldn’t.

I kept wondering to myself why I couldn’t control myself?

Why did I need to check?

Was I nervous that I would miss out on something?

Would I lose money?

Would a client be upset?

I could try to justify my actions with every single excuse. But this is exactly what they were, EXCUSES.

The next day, I turned my phone off and put in the dresser in the hotel room till the bell man came to pack our bags.

I told the babysitter if she needed us, my husband phone was on and she should contact him.

That's when vacation started!

No phone! Not one thing that could possibly distract me!

All through our time together, we...

  • Walked hrough the great outdoor outlet mall
  • Visited delicious restaurants

  • Went on late-night walks on the boardwalk

  • Went parasailing

  • Went speed boating

And made many other memories that I was able to be truly present in the experience.

I was mindful about what I was doing. I was creating memories with my husband and enjoying this burst of rejuvenation that comes from getting away.

At the final stretch I made a new commitment to myself.

  • Whatever I will be doing throughout my day I will be mindful of.
  • I will be present when a client calls me
  • I will focus when I am preparing for a live event.
  • I will be patient and present when my children come to me for the millionth time that their sibling bothered them or touched their block tower.
  • When I tell myself no cell phone, or no emails I need to keep my promise.

I need to let the little bad things happen to be able to enjoy the greater picture.

As we all have these flaws that are called "being human," I also try to be kind to myself and let myself know that it’s okay to slip up.

When we slip and make an acknowledgment, it’s easier to get back in track.

So back to you…

What have you tried to commit to, but keep slipping up?

Let me know in the comments!

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