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The secret to hiring the BEST teachers!

Chanie WilschanskiComment

You know that moment when you tell yourself, “this year will be different!”

In your head you commit that this year you will learn from your hiring mistakes of last year.

You tell yourself, “I’m only going to hire qualified and dedicated teachers that WANT to be part of my team.”

“Only teachers with experience.”

“Only teachers with degrees.”

“Thinking is easy, acting is difficult -- and putting one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world!”

~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

A few days ago I was taking inventory of my kids’ clothing. I sifted through old uniforms, socks and pants and making note of what I needed to buy.

As I was scanning the messy closet, I told myself, “this year will be different.” I will teach my kids how to be more organized with their clothing.

Then I laughed to myself, “Organized with clothing?!” What does that even mean?

What am I expecting from my 4 and 6-year-old?

How does organized look in my mind? What is appropriate to expect of my kids when it comes to this topic?

What will be there specific responsibilities when it comes to organization?

What result am I ultimately after? 

Do I want the clothes folded neater? Not their job.

Do I want them to put clothes back if they don’t end up wearing it? Yes, they can do that.

What else does this mean to me? When I sit down with them and create the system and then walk them through the process, what are my expectations?

You see, with younger children we understand that we need to break down the process. With kids, we can’t just tell them “do this”

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Teachers don’t magically show up on your doorstep. They don’t mysteriously mold into the form that you want or create. They won’t know what they need to do if you don’t explain it to them.

You need to create

crystal clear accountabilities

and results. 

What will the teacher be held accountable for? What results are you going after? 

Hire Character -- Skills can be taught! 

Some tips   on identifying this: 

Identify what the teacher will be held accountable for that can be broken down into small segments.

  • What are her daily responsibilities?
  • What is her relationship with parents? What will she be held accountable for?
  • What about the children? What falls on her plate?

Don’t just say everything!

Ask her to paint a picture for you of what her “perfect” day looks like.

Here are 2 scenes that teachers shared with me.

Scene 1

“A perfect day would be saying good morning to all the kids, greeting the parents and then the day goes on with no bumps and no issues. Everything runs smoothly, everyone is happy, kids go home smiling and parents are happy.”

Does this sound like a great day? Now, listen to this day.

Scene 2

“A perfect day would be deeply connecting with each child. A day where I would have the time to connect with kid and ask them questions. A day where the children make discoveries and explore the provocations that we put out.     A day where I was able to assist the children in problem solving.”

Do you see the difference?

For one teacher, it’s about making it through the day where everyone is happy and goes home clean. For the other teacher, it’s about the connection and relationships.

Which one would you want to hire?

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