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3 stages of documentation

Chanie Wilschanski2 Comments

Today, I’ll be super short. :)

I want to share with you some simple tips on how to make your documentation board look aesthetically and visually beautiful.

Pre- work

Step 1 - make a pile of all the pictures and other actual materials you would like to use for the board.

Step 2 - arrange the pictures in a way that tells the story about the children’s journey

Step 3 - Put together the recordings of the children’s quotes and what you want to share with the parents in a google doc.

Putting it together

Step 1- When you are typing the children’s qoutes and the story of the process or what skills the children’s acquired. Make sure to create a text box first.

Then type what you want to and then highlight the box to create a thick black border.

This will serve as your line for when you cut out the paper so it’s neat and sharp.

Step 2 - When printing the pictures- make sure they all the same size

Step 3- back the pictures on black construction paper - leaving a small border around the pictures or  the text.

Hanging it up

Step 1 - use push pins or thumb tack when creating the first draft of the documentation panel.

This will ensure that after you take a look at  your board - and you see you want to move something you won't need to start unstapling everything or untapping.

“Measure twice - cut once”

Step 2- Hang up the story on a natural color background or cork board.

The reason for this is to give respect to the child’s work.

When you have a flower background or different colors it takes away from the value of the child’s work.

Step 3 - take the children to come see the documentation board and read them the story. Share their qoutes that they said - and listen to what they have to share in reflection of their journey.


Did you enjoy these tips? (Here are the tips on a downloadable PDF to give to your staff)

Want more tips on documentation?

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think are your teachers biggest struggle when it comes to documenting?

What is your biggest frustration around documentation?

Hit reply and let me know

I’m creating some new guides and trainings and I want them to answer your biggest questions


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