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What's gossip?

Leadership, ParentsChanie WilschanskiComment

Gossip! The very words sends shivers down a director’s back.

No one wants to be in that in position.

You walk into the building in the morning and parents are circled together whispering in hushed tones. 

You pass by then, saying your silent prayers that they aren't complaining about anything. 

Your birthday is actually around the corner, maybe they're planning a surprise party for you- really? It's not 9th grade. 

Breathing and sighing to yourself you plop your things done and look at the long to do list from yesterday that only has 5 things crossed off. 

Cup half full or empty?

There is still 15 other things you need to do. 

And then the day starts. 

Teachers walk in and out demanding your attention 

Your assistant walks in and needs approval, there is stare inspections today and you need to clean your office. 

The phone rings, you have to get it. 

It's in a irritable parent on the phone. 
She starts going into a long monologue about what she heard when she went to yoga yesterday and what her friends said, and is is true?
And how could it be?
And she's so upset.
And whats the school gonna do about it. 

You sit listening and start getting faint, looking at the clock you realize it's 11am and all you had was a cup of coffee this morning that you chucked down in 3 gulps as you ran for your car keys. 

Gosh, how am i going to deal with this other crisis? Is there ever a dull moment?

If you resonate with my story- you are not alone! 
Directors all over the world will deal with some form of parent or teacher gossip happening in your school. 

The key is learning the strategies to prevent it, and then deal with it as a professional the right way! 

So much easier said than done. 

Which is why I'm thrilled to introduce to you Kathy Lee, speaker and author of the book, Solutions for Directors. 

At the EC Leadership Conference she will reveal strategies to deal with parent gossip in your school.
Or when teachers start gossiping with each other or talking behind your back. 

No one is immune to this and learning how to deal with it the right way is key to becoming a more successful leaders. 

Want more details on how to connect with Kathy Lee and all of the other speakers at the EC Leadership conference?

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