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Want your teachers to take more initiative?

Chanie WilschanskiComment
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Do you ever lay in bed at night thinking,

“I really wish my teachers took more initiative” 

Do your days feel like you're sucked into a vacuum as you walk into the school doors and then get spit out at the end of your day?

Wondering why your days are so exhausting? 

Over the past few months I’ve been really listening to your questions, comments and one of the common threads is

  • Teacher accountability
  • Ownership
  • Responsibility
  • Take more initiative
  • Share your ideas
  • Be more creative

I could go on and on 

So when I was interviewing the leadership speakers for the conference I asked them your toughest questions! 

Here is a sneak peak to 3 of the interviews. 

Alyssa Gallagher -  Are you a rescuer?    

Alyssa Gallagher -  Are you a rescuer? 

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