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What a preschool director can learn from Seinfeld’s $180 million deal with Hulu?

Leadership, MarketingChanie WilschanskiComment

Many of you grew up in the 90’s and may have heard of show called “Seinfeld” 

For those of you who don’t know - I'll quickly enlighten you. 

Jerry Seinfeld is a comedian and he had a sitcom back in the 90’s that was a huge hit!!

Once again - you’re wondering. 

Seriously Chanie! You tell us about CEO coaches and now a sitcom actor and stand up comedian - what in the world does this have to with preschool?

I’ll tell you - as you know, I love to study other markets and see what they do to become successful. 

Then I brainstorm ways that I can bring this into early childhood. 

Here is the cool thing about Seinfeld- he build himself a brilliant asset. 

“The streaming video on-demand company has signed a deal to stream all 180 episodes of the NBC comedy TV series, Seinfeld, according to Variety. That did not come cheap - Hulu reportedly paid almost $180 million for the show.”
-- Business Insider, April 29, 2015

You read right! $180 million dollars for a show that ran in the 90’s! 

He’s getting paid for the re runs! 

I thought to myself- this is pretty cool- and really smart! 

Create something once - and get value from it again and again and again!!!

So when I sat to think about it - I wondered 

How can a preschool director adapt this concept?

What can a director do once - and then get tremendous value from over and over and over again without thinking about. 

Seinfeld sits and drinks coffee or runs on the beach while cash is streamed into his account for something he filmed over 2 decades ago! 

And then I got it!

What if a director could create something that attracted parents to her school over and over again without any manpower or hustle?

If you are a school who is looking to increase enrollment and every school should always be doing marketing = because the circle of life turns, and sometimes you're bursting with a waiting list and some years, you're trying to fill empty slots. 

So I thought of the most prized piece of real estate in a school- 
the HOMEPAGE of your website. (check out more info 

If your tech geek and know how to check the analytics on a site - you’ll be surprised how much traffic comes to your site. 

If you don’t know how to do this, or even if you have never checked the homepage of your site- you SHOULD. 

The website is the 1st place any parent will come when they want to learn more about your school. 

Even if they heard it from their absolute bestie who lives next door! They will check your site before they call to schedule a tour or interview or whatever your process may be. 

So if people are coming to the homepage- what should it say?

You have exactly 59 seconds to grab their attention before they start scrolling! FACT!!!! 

Here are the most common mistakes with a homepage. 

1. They leave when they don’t get what they are expecting.

Parents come to the site to learn more

I can't tell you how many preschool website i've checked out - looking for the director contact info and I had to search for 3 minutes till I found it!!!

The parents wants to see what this school is about- which brings me to mistake # 2

2. They don’t know what to do - way too much information!!!! 

As the business saying goes “ a confused mind never buys”
You want it to be super simple - if a parent lands on your page:

  • Do you want them to come for a tour?
  • Do you have pictures of the classroom?
  • Do they need to come for an interview?

What does the parent need to do next - be the leader- walk them through this journey on the website.

3. People leave when they don’t see the trust or authenticity. 

Make sure your homepage reflects what’s valuable about your school

Are you a small school?
Academic driven?

What is special about your school?

These are just 3 simple tips to get started. 

But I want to take you even further. 

I’ve invited expert Copywriter Cheryl Binnie to share with you an exact walk through of your homepage. 

She will share what you should write so that parents drop everything they are doing and call your school right away to schedule a tour. 

She will teach you what to put on your homepage so it’s a valuable asset - think Seinfeld assets (I'm not promising $180 million but it's a similar concept)

She'll teach you how to leverage your homepage so it’s always working for you! 

Want details on how you can watch this interview and Marshall’s interview?

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