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“Apathy - now what?” (part 3 of 4)

Chanie WilschanskiComment

I was observing in a 3 year old class a few weeks ago and I noticed the teacher hustling and breaking a sweat as she moved around the classroom. 
She was cleaning up and transitioning the children from cleanup to snack. 

With 18 little 3 year old there was a lot to be done. 
But there were 2 other assistants in the room, who were really just standing and watching her move around like fire in lightning speed. 

They picked up a few toys here and there and then waited for the next instruction. 

This is APATHY. 

The teachers who consistently ask you questions about all these things “they should know” or that you have in the handbook or wherever else you share it. 

There is a disconnect
They aren't really part of the school

Their body is in the classroom, but their mind and everything else is somewhere else. 

Your job as the leader is to get them out of this state. 
Sometimes it’s an inspiring training that jolts them and drives them to take more action.
 Also teaching them how to really collaborate with the teachers is the ultimate game changer. The teacher can’t lead the classroom alone. 

They need to learn how to work together with their co teachers and assistants and ASK for help. 

I did a training for a JCC on a Wednesday morning, I got this email 2 days later on Friday. 

“We already started implementing your strategies on Thursday. The children were a little confused at first but then loved the new approach. It was and is empowering. Thank you!”
-- Sharon Levine, JCC in Five Towns 

Growth and change don’t need to take months and years. Sometimes a simple strategy or tweak can make a powerful impact. 

Sometimes you don’t even need to wait a few days. When there has been a mindset shift and the teachers connect with the strategies and they have the road map….. Then the growth can be a matter of a few minutes. 

“Minutes after Chanie completed her workshop for my teachers, the staff was already asking me for time to reset up their classrooms and move furniture. 
Some teachers redid their centers immediately, while other teachers added original sensory activity and games that were inspired by these workshops.”
-- Elana Fertig 


Ps. I’ll share with you some specific strategies I give directors to get their teachers out of APATHY- in the next email (so stay tuned)

If you want

  • Team players
  • Creative leaders
  • Ownership
  • Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability

If you want growth, change and innovation in your school….

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PPS. Want some quick tips on building more of a collaborative culture and get your teachers out of apathy?
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