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It's not the people on the bus, IT'S THE BUS

Chanie WilschanskiComment

Last week I started sharing with you something called the “Teacher Matrix" -  if you didn't get a chance to read it yet, check it out here.

I have a question for you as the leader.

How much of your day is spent on growing and building the school?

There was a study done that the average business owner spend only 29 minutes a day actually doing activity that will build their company.

If you think about it in education - How much time in your day is dedicated to actually connecting with teachers, parents and building the school?

I bet you are super busy - or more like busy work….

Understanding where you teachers are on the matrix will help you realize where you need to focus your energy, time, money and resources.


  • What are you doing that is allowing the teachers to perform at this level?

“It’s not the people on the bus, it’s THE BUS!”
- Simon Sinek

If you have teachers that live in FLOW it’s because you have created this environment. This isn’t dumb luck or karma. You actively create this.

  • Successful people aren’t just successful - they have habits and rituals that bring them there.

  • So the question is how do you consistently keep your teachers in the FLOW state - (I’ll be chatting about this in a FB live that’s coming up.)

Here’s a message from Jaimee Stulberg. She is a teacher of three years who lives in FLOW. She is constantly working to improve and grow as a teacher. 

Here is what she said after the Intentional Play Training I did in her school.

"After participating in Chanie's workshop and employing her strategies, I feel like I am a better teacher. I am appreciating both my students and my job in ways I hadn't before. I think the key take away from the training is to take a step back and allow the children to use their imaginations and learn through play. They are more capable than most give them credit for. My teaching is becoming less teacher-directed and more student driven.” 


  • Why are your teachers living in burnout?

  • Why are they consistently coming late?

  • Why aren't newsletters being submitted on time?

  • Why aren't they performing to the expectations and standards that you set?

These are tough questions to answer. It’s hard to look at yourself and say, “maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m the one that needs to do some growth and change.”

My first action step to you is to ask yourself

  1. Where are my teachers level of competency?

  2. What are my teachers truly competent in doing?

I worked with Wendy Gerson who is a committed and hard-working preschool director.

She has many veteran teachers in her school and was looking for a real transformation in a few key areas.

Check out how one strategy had all 80 teachers taking action!

That is not a typo - every single teacher took action on this strategy and it’s been game changing!

Check it out here.




When I was 8 years old I created a responsibility chart of everything I had to do in the morning and my younger siblings. And made incentives and races to get everyone ready in the morning. (I have 5 younger siblings)

When I was 10 I had a snack system conveyor belt down to a science. I had all my younger siblings lineup and we packed 6 bags of lunch in under 10 minutes!! And I kept trying to beat that record. (I’m super competitive with myself)

That’s all for now. 

Next time I’ll share how I you can create systems and process for everything you want in your school. Including the culture, relationships, accountability and follow up.

PPS. If you want to learn how you can create a more collaborative culture with your teachers, more consistent routines and systems and be able to actually follow up with teachers that doesn't feel like more work or exhausting -- then check out this recent interview I did on the preschool podcast.