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The Big Secret (part 4 of 4)

Chanie WilschanskiComment

I’m going to tell you something right up front

If are like most directors, you’ll think this is counter intuitive. 

Ok- I’ve warned you

Here it is 

“Plan your tomorrow --- TODAY” 

I meet with directors all the time. 
I’ve actually personally spoken with over 100 directors from 6 continents and 45 different countries. 

Here is what I hear:

  • “My school is different” 
  • “I have state issues” 
  • “I don’t have money”
  • “I’m having a baby in 2 months” 
  • “We don’t have an outdoor space” 
  • “I have red hair” 
  • “I’m introverted” 
  • “My teachers aren’t like that” 
  • “I can’t do that” 
  • “I have a unique situation here” 
  • “There aren’t any good teachers here” 
  • “My teachers don’t really get along
  • “I want to do more teacher retention”
  • “My school is going through changes now”
  • “I want my teachers to go the extra mile without pushing them” 
  • “I want to focus on more thoughtful feedback”

And this is just getting started…… 

If you have ever said any of these things, welcome! 
You are a preschool director like the thousands of other EC leaders across the globe who all struggle with the same things! 

And what you do is. 
You deal from crisis to crisis.

You move the needle slowly on different things - telling yourself one day, we’ll get there 

Massaging your brain and saying “change takes time” 

Yes, change can take time. But the decision to make a change happens in an instant. 
It’s the moment you truly commit and decide NO MORE!

Sometimes as a director you wonder what is truly worth your time and money. What trainings can really move the needle in the direction I want to take my school. 

“It was apparent that Chanie has had many years of experiences - she was so relatable.They felt it was really worth their time! I saw them put out the provocations and the loose parts. I’m excited to see what else they will put into practice.”
-- Frumie Fieg, Director of Yeshiva Ketana 

A few weeks ago I started telling you about Wendy, check out the rest of her story here. She shares some of the most meaningful lessons for her personally and how her school has changed since then. 

Wendy shared that “Too many times we bring someone to come down and do training in September and by December it’s all forgotten - this time it was different!” 

Ready for a completely different experience of staff development?
One where your teacher will have follow up and accountability all the through?

Here’s a brief response I got from a director after the Intentional Play Training. 

“My teachers aren’t dictating how the children should learn but rather observing what the children want to learn. They are used to being spoonfed and with this training they felt so empowered. They aren’t talking AT the kids anymore. 
It has also given me more confidence as a director. My teachers respect my opinion and are willing to go with it. They aren't paying lip service anymore. I feel that ar making better decisions together.”
-- Leslie
“The biggest wins for me as a director is that the teachers are solving their own problems. Instead of constantly coming to me, they are thinking of their own solutions. They are using the strategies that they learned and adapting it.”
-- Alexa Cohen 

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