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Masha Rimler

Director at Chandler Preschool, Arizona

“The daily recap email, I loved the idea!  i've done it now for the past 3 days and it has worked great- firstly, i love feeling like i accomplished something when I'm forced to write it down, secondly, its great documentation so i can go back and review what/ when i did something. 

I also really liked what you said about the 'shoulds' list and the 'must do' lists, I've really noticed that there are certain licensing things the teachers treat as 'must do' and they really get them done no matter what, and then there are 'shoulds' that really should be 'must dos' and now my job is to tell them that and make sure they are accountable for the 'must dos'. Im looking forward to working more with you in the future! Thanks for everything!” 

Elana Kornfield

I had an amazing conference call with Chanie Wilschanski tonight. We just
spoke for an hour, but she gave me some great tangible ideas for school
community building and parent involvement. I also realized how much I am
lacking in consistently following through in observing my staff and although
we meet bimonthly, I don't specifically focus on what they do right. what
needs improvement. etc. i am usually focusing on the BIG idea and tend to
overlook a lot of the organizational aspect of preschool directing. I am
looking forward to hopefully working with her in the future th to assist me in
this area and truly feel she has so much knowledge that can help take our
school to the next level.

Alissa Peskin

 Teacher at Center City Jewish Preschool, Phjledelphia PA

Had my first kick off meeting with each teacher. It went so well! 

We sat down and defined some long term school year, personal goals as well as short term classroom work goals. We broke then down to attainable action steps. I got great feedback. So far so good!  Also, I was able to work on  my own goal of stepping up my documentation game. Proud of my first panel, waiting to see where else it takes us! 

Thanks again for your help!

Yehudis Steiner

Director at Gan Chabad in Canada

I just want to share with you all how empowering Chanie Wilschanski is as a coach. I have gained so much and grown working with Chanie. We are working together on any aspects including growing enrollment, staff teamwork and parent involvement in the school. I truly feel that this will take our school to the next level. 

Hi Chanie,
I'm really excited for this webinar! I just
wanted you to know that after watching
module one and two and learning about
being aware of children's physical space I
was noticing that one of my students couldn't
sit in his chair during circle time. after
offering him to stand and move around he
asked if he could lay - if not for your module i
never would have let him ;) and now he lays
during circle time which i hope is a lot more
effective for him and he doesn't disrupt the
class with falling out of his chair
Thank you!

Raizy Kaplan

Director of Preschool in Orange CT

Just wanted to say that we recently had a staff development day (MLK Day) and brought Chanie out to our preschool to give us a workshop. She was wonderful. Spoke to me before hand to get a sense of the school and created a workshop that would fit the needs of our school. It was very well presented, a lot of practical discussions and a FOLLOW UP! I got great feedback from my teachers as well. 

Mimi Wilhelm

Porland Oregon, Director of Gan Preschool

I'm holding my teachers accountable :) Big step for me to get right to it and send an email like this - thanks for your coaching help :)

Chanie Zaklikovsky

Teacher at Kiddie Korner in Brooklyn Heights

It was an amazing workshop, I really gained a lot. I really enjoyed the aspect of a USP and the 5 domains of development. I hope to improve my focus on the children's play and really work on each child's specific goals.

Thanks for a great class!