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This an interactive virtual workshop that includes
content, strategies, implementation, feedback, follow up and accountability.

Brief Synopsis

How does this program work?
This program is complete workshop training that includes content, strategies, hands on work, and implementation. It starts with a LIVE training and then there is 4 months of consistent follow up and accountability.

How do you follow up?
I work with the teachers through our follow up phone conferences, emails and the customized strategy cards. 

How will you help each teacher, I have all different types of teachers? 
I have strategies to help every type of teachers learning style and level of expertise. Teachers will have a buffet of ideas to choose from and learn how to do implementation in their classroom. 

Why 4 months?
A one day training is intense and there is a lot of content and strategies
Over the time together we ensure you teachers really know HOW to use the strategies and WHAT to do in different situation and WHY it’s valuable. 


“I am absolutely in awe of the monumental conference you have created for early childhood leaders. And I am so proud to be part of it!

I listened to some of the Leadership presenters late into the night, and although I was exhausted, I came to school energized. It’s the best staff development I ever experienced!” 

-- Goldie Golding
Had my first kick off meeting with each teacher. It went so well! 

We sat down and defined some long term school year, personal goals as well as short term classroom work goals. We broke then down to attainable action steps. I got great feedback. So far so good!  Also, I was able to work on  my own goal of stepping up my documentation game. Proud of my first panel, waiting to see where else it takes us! 
Thanks again for your help!

-- Alissa Peskin, Teacher at Center City Jewish Preschool, Philadelphia PA
Each time that I have introduced Chanie to a group of early childhood leaders, she has inspired them by her knowledge, passion and insight. She is comfortable with many kinds of educators and with sharing ideas that are new or that are being presented with a new twist or understanding.”

-- Sue Topeck, Director of JEP

Here is the journey your school will go on...


  • (1) 45 minute Focus Session with the director “directors that lead” in this call we
    • Part 1- uncover the school's mission and values and align them in the training for the staff
    • Part 2 - discover the core strengths and weakness of the director so she can have the strategies to follow up and implement. 
  • (1) Clarity Assessment - a mini-assessment to find out where your teachers are holding in relation to the Core Topic of your choosing


  • (1) Full day onsite training (5 hours)
    • Part 1: We start the day with a Learning Session that includes the training presentation and group activities.
    • Part 2: Then your teachers work on a hands-on project to bring to life what they just learned.
    • Part 3: We wrap up with a Focus Session where teaching teams for each age group meet together to fill out their Call To Action Guides.
  •  The day training includes 
    • Script with strategies that your teachers can use in their classrooms, immediately after they’ve completely the training.                                         
    •  Call-to-Action Guide with specific steps for each teaching team to accelerate their results.                         
    • Collaborative strategy card a framework for taking action in the school and aligning the teacher’s goals with the resources, tools and supplies that are available in the school.


  • Email follow up support for teachers - Every Monday for the 30 days after the training they will get an email - this email will have a few strategies and tips for them to choose from to take action. And be a consistent follow up for them.
Copy of Copy of Copy of Early ChildhoodLeadership Conference.png
  • (1) 30-minute Check-in Call with the director to make sure teachers are aligned with the goals they set and you are seeing results in your school.
    • We will also assess where each teacher is holding and who needs more intervention
  • (1) 2 Week Feedback Loop Evaluation - A time for you to reflect on what is going on in each classroom, and really collect the data so its not just inspiration but real action. This will give you and me a lens into how to move forward. I will give you exactly what to look out for when you go into each class, so that it is super targeted.


  • (1) 60-minute Follow-up Support Session for teachers
    • Part 1- teachers submit questions in advance to the session to get my direct feedback
    • Part 2- the support session is done via online conference call or webinar and the staff shares their wins big or small to get support from each other
    • Par 3 - the session is recorded for any teachers who can't make it live. 
  • (1) 30-minute Check-in Call with the director to make sure teachers are aligned with the goals they set and you are seeing results in your school. 


Chanie - Live Event Image 02.png
  • (1) Onsite observation and in class modeling (full day)  
    • Each class will get a 45 minute slot for observation and modeling 
    • This is the time where I will be following up on the commitments they made during our first training and if they are following through 
    • They will also get a chance to ask any additional questions
  • Customized Strategy Cards for EACH Teacher
  • Here is how it works. 
    • I create a shared google drive 
    • I create a separate google doc with the notes of what I observed from each teacher's
    • I then put my recommendations and strategy ideas for them to implement 
    • I will share this document with you 
    • Your job as the director is to share with your teachers and follow through they are implementing. 
    • You get lifetime access to this file


  • (1) 60 minute follow up support session for teachers
    • Part 1- teachers submit questions in advance to the session to get my direct feedback 
    • Part 2- the support session is done via online conference call or webinar and the staff shares their wins big or small to get support from each other 
    • Part 3 - the session is recorded for any teachers who can't make it live. 
  • (1) 30 minute check in call with the director make sure teachers are aligned with the goals they set and you are seeing results in your school. 


  • 4 months of email support for questions that come up as you are working with your team to implement these strategies. 



  • What about my teachers who are introverted or shy and don't want to ask questions in front of other people?

    • I walk around the room and work in small groups. We also divide the teachers by age groups so they can collaborate with each other. In addition, I remain after the training if teachers have any more follow up questions. 
  • Will this program work for my teachers? 

    • This is probably the biggest question I get about the program. Let me break this down.

      This program doesn’t work unless you do. It’s impossible (and would be completely unethical not to mention illegal) for me to guarantee anything like that. But I do have a track record and I ONLY work with directors that are ready to do the work and be honest and commit! You will need to follow up with your teachers. (I will show you how) 
  • But What If I’m On The Fence? Maybe I Should Wait Until Next Time...

    • Of course, you have to trust yourself and your timing.

      But look (and you know this) — nothing will change in your life unless you do. None of us ever feel quite ‘ready’ to take a big leap. But if we’re truly committed to bringing our visions and dreams to life, we must take decisive action today.

      Because the actions you take TODAY determine the quality of your life in the future!
      So if you really want massive growth in your school. This is the program to commit to.
  • But The Money...

    • Money is always an important topic and I understand. My grandparents and parents grew up in poverty. I grew up scooping out the very last pinch of the avocado from the peel! I run a lean company and, personally, I watch every penny! I’m always looking for ways to optimize and save. 

      I understand that this a serious investment. I honor the commitment and responsibility. This is why I offer a money back guarantee. If you commit to the work and your teachers work the strategies, they show up to the support session, you show up to the check in calls and then you are still not getting results. I honor a complete refund. 

      How can I do this? 
      Because I vet my clients out very carefully. I ONLY work with high performers and directors who are really ready for a change and want to grow!  
  • How do the follow up emails work?

    • The emails are sent to each teacher once a week during the first month. These emails have the strategies that we learned at the training. And some extra action steps to push them to take consistent action. 

      They are also amazing for you as the director so that you know how to follow up with your team and steer them in the right direction. 
  • What are the check in calls with the director for?

    • These calls are to assess that the teachers are taking action and where you might need more support or trouble shooting. 

      In addition, you can share with me specific examples of what is happening with specific teachers and I will give you direction of how to move forward. 

      The entire framework of the training is designed to help you and your teachers take action, implement the strategies and get results! 

In summary, here is what you get with this program

Chanie - Live Event Image 01.png
  • (1) 5 hour training for your teachers 
  • (3) 30 minute follow up with the directors 
  • (1) full day of onsite modeling and observation
  • (2) 60 minute support session for the teachers 
  • Email support for the director throughout the whole program (4 months of support)
  • Email follow up with strategies for the teachers


PLUS these bonuses:

When investing in this program you also get access to 7 additional mini trainings that you can watch with your teachers during staff meetings.
These mini trainings are 20-30 minutes long and are immediately actionable with simple strategies and tips to implement.

Bonus #1: Reggio Art ($600 value)

  • How to choose open ended + natural materials
  • How to set up beautiful art provocations
  • Simple ways to document and give respect to the children’s work
  • Understanding the value of art and the role it plays with all developmental domains.

Bonus #2: Optimizing Snack Time Routines ($197 value)

  • How to plan your sign in time and snack time so it becomes a learning experience
  • What skills you can incorporate during this time 
  • Specific strategies for each age group
Bonus Mockup - The 5 Pillars of a Childs Success.png

Bonus #3: The Mental Framework of a Teacher ($197 value)

  • How to wire your mindset for success from the beginning of the year 
  • How to write a classroom mission statement
  • Why the right mindset is a game changer as an educator

Bonus #4: The 5 Pillars of a Child’s Success ($197 value)

  • How to set up curriculum to respond to the children’s individual needs and learning styles
  • The Dunn Model explained
  • The five areas that affect children’s learning

Bonus #5: The 5 Developmental Domains in Relation to Each Age Group ($197 value)

  • What is developmentally appropriate practice?
  • What is really OK for each age group?
  • How can I get into the mind of the 2 year old and 3-4 year old?
  • How can I know what behaviors are really red flags and what to do about it?

Bonus #6: How to Create A Schedule of the Day and Classroom Rules ($497 value)

  • What is a schedule of the day?
  • How to create one that helps serve the children in building their skill set 
  • How to create classroom rules that are developmentally appropriate?
  • How to design in and strategies to get it done fast.

Bonus #7: How to Write A Social Story ($497 value)

  • How to teach any social skill to children (even a 2 year old!)
  • What is a social story and it’s benefit in the classroom?
  • How to stop behaviors like, hitting, biting, pushing, excluding and more? 
  • How to put together a social story in under 10 minutes! 

Just these bonuses alone are worth over $2,300!
You get all of these for free when you book your live event!

“Minutes after Chanie completed her workshop for my teachers, the staff was already asking me for time to reset up their classrooms and move furniture. 
Some teachers redid their centers immediately, while other teachers added original sensory activity and games that were inspired by these workshops.”

-- Elana Fertig 
Just wanted to say that we recently had a staff development day (MLK Day) and brought Chanie out to our preschool to give us a workshop. She was wonderful. Spoke to me before hand to get a sense of the school and created a workshop that would fit the needs of our school. It was very well presented, a lot of practical discussions and a FOLLOW UP! I got great feedback from my teachers as well.

-- Raizy Kaplan, Director of Preschool in Orange CT

Choose from these 3 core topics:

* I have many other topics - these are the core ones because most directors choose from these - if you would like a different topic we are happy to customize it for you *

Core Topic #1
Intentional Play

Upon completion of this program your teachers will have the skill set to:

  • Understanding of the planning stages necessary to make learning meaningful for children.
  • The 5 steps of the Scientific Method of Questioning – this method works with the child’s curiosity and piques the children’s interest. Your staff will learn all 5 steps and how to adapt to the everyday learning.
  • Have a toolbox of strategies to help foster children’s thinking in every center!
  • Know how to set up mindful provocations that create a culture of inquiry, where children understand the value of questions.
  • Understand the difference between closed questions and open- ended questions and be able to apply it to their learning circles.
  • Get tools for Comprehension Checks that make room for more possibilities of learning and growth within each child.

What Directors and Teachers are saying about Intentional Play

It was an amazing workshop, I really gained a lot. I really enjoyed the aspect of a USP and the 5 domains of development. I hope to improve my focus on the children's play and really work on each child's specific goals. Thanks for a great class!
-- Chanie Zaklikovsky, teacher at Kiddie Korner in Brooklyn Heights
“My teachers aren’t dictating how the children should learn but rather observing what the children want to learn. They are used to being spoon-fed and with this training they felt so empowered. They aren’t talking AT the kids anymore. 
It has also given me more confidence as a director. My teachers respect my opinion and are willing to go with it. They aren't paying lip service anymore. I feel that ar making better decisions together.”
-- Leslie Gordesky
“My teachers know why they are doing each activity- why they are teaching it and what skills it’s connected to. They are really able to do this now on their own!”
-- Shternie Raskin
“The intentional play training showed me how to start small and slowly start observing and listening to the children. Chanie shares simple and effective ways to intrigue the child and truly value their work.
The templates created a framework for us to follow in the classroom. The Q&A follow up showed me that I had the readiness to change, and that continued professional introspection is key to success!”                     
-- Nina Zayit, Teacher for 2-year olds

Here is a preview of some of the strategies from the  Intentional Play  training

Core Topic #2
Stop, Turn Around, Sit Down

Create routines and systems in the classroom so that the teachers can plan, lead and succeed everyday! 

Upon completion of this training your teacher will have the skill set to:

  • Understanding the critical requirement of effective planning and the risk factors of behaviors.                                 
  • Tailor the daily transitions that are age appropriate                    
  • Toolbox of strategies for the unexpected.
  • Organize the classroom environment into zones to maximize staff effectiveness.
  • Optimize the transitions from “moving around” to learning opportunities. 

What Directors and Teachers are saying about Stop, Turn Around, Sit Down

“I learned that I can use the knowledge I have gained to increase my ability to run the classroom and to build upon my strengths and work on my weaknesses to create an engaging environment for children.”

The follow up support session was so valuable, because they helped to discover what problems/answers others had and then got solutions for what to do in the classroom.”
-- Chana Glassner
“I thought it was an Excellent and very worthwhile presentation for every and any level teacher. I have learned some good classroom management skills to give the children an optimal learning experience that's fun for them and rewarding positive and stress free for me!

I think everyone working on just setting up the classroom today was very aware of the benefits of teamwork..working as team players and communicating well.”
-- Shaina Katz
“I got Advice for hard to fix problems! I learned how to delegate more effectively so that there is less waiting time for kids which is has resulted in less behavior problems.”
-- Shira

Here is a preview of some of the strategies from the  Stop, Turn Around, Sit Down  training


Here are some of the results that Directors and Teachers have been able to achieve
from the
Stop, Turn Around, Sit Down training

"Every time we needed the kids to line up, the classroom would turn to complete chaos -- the kids would be all over the room, pushing and shoving and knocking into each other. After we implemented Chani's strategy of putting footprints on the floor, the children understand person space, and there is less pushing and there is more of a system to lining up."

-Deborah, 3 year old teacher,  Far Rockaway, NY

Core Topic #3
Sensory & Impulsive Behavior

Learn the diagnostic tools for understand children with sensory and impulsive behavior. And create strategies and tools for working with these children every moment of the day.

Upon completion of this program you teachers will have the skill set to

  • Diagnostic tools for understanding why and how specific behaviors play out in the day to day. 
  • Strategies that align with children that struggle with 
  • Following directions 
  • Playing in a social setting 
  • Listening to instructions 
  • Not wanting to get dirty 
  • Not following the classroom routine 
  • A tool chest of ideas and strategies to work with so that the teachers knows that to do instead. 
  • Comprehension checks - understanding how to assess if the children are really processing what is being taught. 

What Directors and Teachers are saying about Sensory & Impulsive Behavior

“The biggest wins for me as a director is that the teachers are solving their own problems. Instead of constantly coming to me, they are thinking of their own solutions. They are using the strategies that they learned and adapting it.”
-- Alexa Cohen, director of Bonim Preschool, CT

Here is a preview of some of the strategies from the Sensory & Impulsive Behavior  training

Here are some of the results that Directors and Teachers have been able to achieve
from the
Sensory & Impulsive Behavior training

"After Chanie's recommendation of creating this chart for a 4-year boy in our class, we decreased his hitting behavior from over 10 times a day to less than 2 times per day."

- Chaya, 4-year old teacher, Park Slope, NY
"We had a boy in our class who struggled with putting his coat on every day. After Chanie's training, we created this strategy for Matthew and he's been putting his coat on since!"

-- Karen, 3-year old teacher, Community Synagogue of Port Washington
"The children in our 3 year old class were struggling with following directions. This was one of the simple strategies that we implemented which created a more visual experience for them to understand how to follow directions every day."

-- Jacquelyn, 3-year old teacher

Here is what Shelly Roth, Director of Community Synagouge in Port Washington NY had to say...

Before the live event my teachers were familiar with progressive education but weren’t really incorporating into every center. 
After the training -  Many of my teachers brought an assortment of loose parts and items into their classrooms and just left them for the children to explore and create their own activities with.  My teachers said it was a challenge not to offer suggestion to the children when they asked what they should do with the materials.  They were amazed at the creative play and art projects that the children created on their own with these materials.
Chanie created  strategy cards for each class and they were so helpful, because my staff said it is natural to fall back to old behaviors and expressions when busy.  Having the strategy cards available gives them a tool to refer to that they can use more developmentally appropriate and thought provoking questions and comments.

Chanie runs a great training session! She is interesting, engaging and gives clear explanations, ideas and examples that the teachers can immediately incorporate into their classrooms.


Hi!  I’m Chanie Wilschanski and I help EC Directors build a school of excellence! 

I am Chanie Wilschanski, an early childhood strategist and leadership coach. I work with EC directors to help them build a school of excellence. School that want that next level and make a bigger impact by creating the right culture in the school, parent relationships and the value they have for their teachers.

No matter the stage of your school, the size of your staff and children or how big your budget ---- schools are powered by the PEOPLE!

I find great joy and satisfaction in helping directors create a culture they desire in their school and cultivate the lifelong relationships with the parent body and their teachers. 

Guiding them to show value and appreciation for EACH teacher and pioneering effective and productive meetings that allow a director to leverage her time, money and resources!

Professional Experience

  • I started my journey over a 11 years ago and taught in Manhattan's innovative Preschool of the Arts for 5 years.
  • In 2012 I got my Masters in Early Childhood and Special ED from Mercy College.
  • Currently I'm a professor for the EC course in Beth Rivkah teaching Seminary.
  • I’ve worked with schools from 6 continents and 16 different countries!

A Bit About Me...

  • I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children ages 2, 4 and 6.
  • A sibling to 7 brothers and sisters
  • A Sensory lover! I have 3 sensory bins in my living room and one of them is a kiddie pool!
  • I’m a suburban girl who who grew up in Elizabeth NJ and now live in Brooklyn NY (still getting used to city life)
  • I write weekly thank you letters - EVERY Friday morning for 30 minutes. I’ve written letters to friends, clients, family members, authors and speakers who have inspired me.
  • I love warm hot espressos and a really good avocado sushi roll
  • I read on average 2 books a week - that range from leadership, early childhood, marketing, parent relationships, productivity and much more.

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