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In this workbook, you'll learn 

  • The 5 stages of school culture - and specific examples and stories of what it feels like in each stage. 
  • How to identify toxic and passive passive behaviors so you can nip it the bud! 
  • My secrets for motivating your teachers to take risks 
  • Strategies for creating teacher buy-in
  • Ideas for how to leave the legacy that you want...

Meet Chanie


Hi, my name is Chanie Wilschanski. I'm an early childhood strategist and leadership coach and I created The School Culture Model ™.

 I work with EC directors to help them build a school of excellence. School that want that next level and make a bigger impact by creating the right culture in the school, parent relationships and the value they have for their teachers.

As a director you need to be able to identify where your school is and more importantly learn specific strategies to work with teachers at all stages. 


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