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While it may seem that building registration is all about grit and hustle and who is working harder, this simply isn't the case.  In fact, this may actually be hurting your enrollment! In my work with many preschool directors over the past decade, I've discovered that the most common enrollment pitfall is not having proper systems, scripts and effective strategies in place.

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  • Are you frustrated by low enrollment in your preschool?

  • Do you wonder why some schools can fill up all their spots months in advance while you struggle to get the “word out there?”

  • Do you wish you had a way to effortlessly follow up with parents?

  • Are you wondering which marketing strategy is most effective?

In this eBook you are going to learn…..

  • How to enroll more new students in your school, even if the thought of talking to parents makes you sweat bullets!    

  • The mistake made by close to 80% of directors in their enrollment process, and what to do to guarantee this doesn't happen to YOU.

  • How to implement the 10X formula to increase traffic and potential leads all the way to your school doors!

  • How to be a “super connector.” Many directors spend years trying to achieve this and never figure it out.

  • How to ask the right questions. When you miss this critical step, you are losing out on dozens of potential registrants.

Grab your FREE copy by entering your name + email

Chanie Wilschanski, MSED is an Educational Coach specializing in working with progressive and Reggio Inspired preschools. She empowers progressive directors and their staff to be innovative, take risks and push out of their comfort zone.
Her workshops, trainings, live events and webinars cover a large range of topics.
Each one of them guides your staff with a clear step-by-step roadmap with multi media, pictures, videos and dozens of strategies and tactics to help get accelerated RESULTS!
Her mission is to empower educators so they can connect with our children, inspire them and make a lasting impact in our world!



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