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The Director-Leadership Accelerator Program


A 4-month one-on-one program to help progressive early childhood directors:

  • Learn how to follow up and hold teachers accountable
  • Leverage more time in their day
  • Create and nurture powerful relationships with parents.
  • Step into their role as a leader in their school
  • Plan, Lead and Succeed with every meeting with teachers, parents or other school faculty

Brief Synopsis


How does this program work?
This program is completely virtual which means that all sessions take place via phone.

How do I get access to you?
You call in to a conference call line. All sessions are recorded for easy reference to later on.

How will I have enough time to get all my questions answered?
I get a full data before every session through the feedback loop you fill out. So our time together is ALL strategy. 

Do you feel that your time and energy is being drained
by putting out fires and supporting your team that can’t solve their own problems.

Do you feel that you need to constantly micromanage your team?


You will learn the strategies to 

  • Build creativity
  • Boost problem solving skills
  • Empower your teachers to take more initiative 
  • Create a system for follow up 
  • Learn the tools necessary to hold your teachers accountable 
  • Create a community where teachers want to learn 

More importantly you will understand how to you function as a leader. 
We will go through the diagnostic steps so you understand how your daily actions reflect the way your team operates. 

In addition, we will focus on your day and time strategies to ensure that you are leveraging your most precious resource - your time!                   

Forget about making "BIG CHANGES" that you're never going to stick to...

Learn strategies that will help you make your school the best ever, discover a deceptively simple "life changing" system, and have fun doing it!

  • You'll be able to banish the word "busy" from your vocabulary and actually get what you want to get done!
  • Finally get focused and find out the "easy" way to complete your most important work…even if you’re a busy director, have lots of responsibilities and a “million things” to do each day.
  • We'll go through a valuable visualization exercise that will crystalize what you really want in your school & life so you can instantly act upon it.
  • We will structure your workday for minimum stress and maximum motivation (and productivity).
  • I'll walk you through a powerful process for conquering your email demons and cutting the cord on your inbox addiction. (You'll be shocked at how easy it actually is)
  • Break any big project down into small, manageable chunks…so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and finally quit procrastinating.
  • Identify and leverage your “highest value” activities and use your time in the best way possible.
  • Easily construct a simple daily routine that will help you establish priorities, limit procrastination, keep track of goals, and even make you healthier!
  • How to create a meeting where you know how to engage your teacher and then follow up with her and actually hold her accountable!
  • Lastly, I will reveal how you can create the culture and team that you want that will follow your vision and dream and be truly committed to your school.

My Philosophy

The fastest way to becoming an empowering leader is by becoming a student of leadership. 

You need to deeply understand how you operate and why you do what  you do, so that you can learn your teachers patterns and cycles and guide them to learn and grow. 

You can ONLY take a teacher as deep as you’ve gone yourself. And when you invest in yourself and take the steps to commit to it. You will show your teachers how they can as well. 

I believe that EVERYTHING is in the follow up and I teach my clients how to follow up in a way that feels good for them. 

"Through using the block and tackle method I stopped trying to do everything at once. I now make the time to do important tasks. What's even better, my team members help me accomplish my goals" 

- Margaret Stobbs, Director at Olivia DiMaio Inc. LaSalle, Ontario Canada for 29 years!

What you NEED to know

I created this program to help progressive EC leaders build and grow their schools that are fully aligned with who they are. 
I want you to step into the strategies that feel good for your values and integrity. 

From the moment I started I’ve been committed to learning everything I can on leadership, accountability, motivation, follow up and teacher capacities. 

I read 2 books a week! 

I attend classes, webinars, courses and I have my own peak performance coach that is a 5 figure investment! I work with him to consistently help me become better so I can serve you more. 

I listen to my current and past clients, I watch the trends and questions that show up in FB groups and I learned from hands on experience what strategies work and what don’t work. 

I am currently working with captain David Marquet - who is a former US submarine captain. I am learning more powerful strategies on creating a culture that builds leaders from the best in the world! 

I’ve refined and perfected the system with each client that I work with to give you a better and more powerful experience! 

I will not pretend that this is easy. It is intense and it will challenge you! But I know that it a whole lot easier than trying to figure this out on your own.

This program is broken down into 4 phases
to reflect each month that we work together.



  • Collecting the Data and Insights 
  • Building your roadmap 
  • Understanding the water line
  • What your expectations are
  • Creating your goals and projects


  • Building trust and relationships 
  • Creating the environment 


  • Strategies for peak productivity 
  • Follow through 
  • Accountability


  • Creating your culture 
  • Building strong meeting ethic


  • (1) 90-minute Focus Session
    • During this call we take a deep dive in 
      • Core strengths and weaknesses as the director 
      • Where your school is currently holding 
      • Where you want it to be
      • We create your 4 month road map 
      • Your 1 month goals 
      • And your 2 week leaps 
      • 30 minute progress call 
  • We work to really uncover what is holding your back from taking action 
  • What you really need to be successful 
  • What skills you already have to work with 
  • What is your decision making process? 

  • (1) Clarity Assessment - a mini-assessment to find out where your teachers are holding in relation to the Core Topic of your choosing
  • Feedback Loop Form - Every 2 weeks you will get fill out a Feedback Loop Form - this takes about 15 minutes to fill out and helps you start tracking where you are growing. 


  • (1) 30-minute Progress Call with Director
  • Feedback Loop Form - Every 2 weeks you will get fill out a Feedback Loop Form - this takes about 15 minutes to fill out and helps you start tracking where you are growing. 


  • (2) 30-minute Progress Calls with Director
  • (2) Feedback Loop Form - Every 2 weeks you will get fill out a Feedback Loop Form - this takes about 15 minutes to fill out and helps you start tracking where you are growing. 


  • (1) 30-minute Progress Call with Director

During our 4 MONTHS you will learn
a tool chest of strategies.

  • Blocking your time
  • How to conduct a daily huddle
  • The optimal state of teachers
  • The priority matrix for your teachers and yourself.
  • How to set goals and actually get them done
  • Create a stronger parent partnership
  • Become a more effective leader
  •  Learn how to follow up and hold your staff accountable

This is just a taste of what you will be empowered to do at the end of our time together.

"After incorporating the Block and Tackle method - I've created specific times for parent outreach - I'm now moving onto creating this time block for teacher observation.

It's incredible how much the relationships with parents have improved and It really get it done! 
No more hoping, wishing and praying that I magically find the time to do it - it's on my calendar and I get it done!" 

- Yehudis Steiner, Director at Kinder Sports- Ontario Canada

What does this do for you as the leader in  your school? 

What will your school look like in 4 months from now?

  • Working LESS and Accomplishing More
  • Crystal clear meeting agendas with feel good meetings
  • Consistent pulse on what is happening in every classroom
  • A collaborative culture where teachers are working together towards your vision
  • Teachers helping each other
  • Happier children with teachers who are consistent learners
  • Consistent and steady growth in the school because you know how to set your goals and reach them! 

What if you can have a school where…..

People feel valued and proud of being a part of something bigger than themselves.

People know the school’s goals and thoughtfully contribute toward their accomplishments.

The school’s success will be on the shoulders of all the teachers and not simply the “director”.

People take responsibility and have the authority to rise to the occasion, even during times of change.

You will have leaders at all levels of your school!


  • (1) 90-minute Intensive Focus Session
  • (5) 30-minute Progress Calls with Diretor
  • (2) 15-minute Emergency Calls when you need them
  • 2-Week Feedback Loop Forms every two weeks
  • (7) master class trainings to further build your skill set and strategies to work with your team of teachers. 
  • Workbooks and Templates for easy actionable steps
  • 4 months of email support 


The Meeting Archetypes

  • 5 meeting Archetypes  
  • 4 by 4 framework
  • 7 part checklist for planning
  • Agenda formula that guarantees focus, execution and results!

Skills and Strategy

  • Skills and Strategies to execute on:
    • Huddle
    • Problem Solving meeting
    • Team Building

Curriculum Planning and Brainstorming

  • How to do effective reflection with your team?
  • Design Thinking - How to get everyone thinking Creatively?
  • Meeting framework for curriculum planning and brainstorming meetings. 
  • Strategies to get everyone coming on time
  • A tool for measuring progress

Individual Teacher Meetings: The Fireplace Chat

  • How to make time in your calendar for individual teacher meetings?
  • What the structure of the meeting should be?
  • How to follow up with each teacher?
  • How to hold them accountable to what you discussed? 

The Tactical Vault

  • Strategies and tips for making the meeting exciting, motivational and getting everyone engaged
  • Meeting Etiquette
  • Environment
  • Nourishment
  • Problem solving


  • Will this program work for me?

    • This is probably the biggest question I get about the program. Let me break this down.

      This program doesn’t work unless you do. It’s impossible (and would be completely unethical not to mention illegal) for me to guarantee anything like that. But I do have a track record and I ONLY work with people that are ready to do the work and be honest and commit!
  • But What If I’m On The Fence? Maybe I Should Wait Until Next Time...

    • Of course, you have to trust yourself and your timing.

      But look (and you know this) — nothing will change in your life unless you do. None of us ever feel quite ‘ready’ to take a big leap. But if we’re truly committed to bringing our visions and dreams to life, we must take decisive action today.

      Because the actions you take TODAY determine the quality of your life in the future!
  • But The Money...

    • Money is always an important topic and I understand. My grandparents and parents grew up in poverty. I grew up scooping out the very last pinch of the avocado from the peel! I run a lean company and, personally, I watch every penny! I’m always looking for ways to optimize and save.

      I understand that this a serious investment. I honor the commitment and responsibility. This is why I offer a money back guarantee. If you commit to the work and are doing the strategies and you aren’t getting results. I honor a complete refund.

      How can I do this?
      Because I vet my clients out very carefully. I ONLY work with high performers and directors who are really ready for a change and want to grow.

Here are some of my client results...

I want you to meet Mimi Wilhelm - Director at The Gan in Portland, Oregon

Mimi came to me frustrated that she didn’t have time for individual teacher meetings and that when she actually did make time, it didn’t go anywhere. She couldn't follow up in a way that held the teachers accountable.

“Through using Chanie’s strategies for the one on one meetings with my teachers- it allowed me to create a platform to build great communication with the teachers which then created a space for us to brainstorm ways to deal with issues and implement strategies as needed for each classroom.

It directly influenced the classroom as the teacher felt empowered after our meeting to handle issues or circumstances. I saw teachers growing in their ability to interact with students even better, have better classroom management, have better communication with parents, growth in curriculum and a handle on a student that needed more. 

To be honest, more than anything it helped me appreciate and guide teachers rather than believing a teacher was just not cut out for a specific area of teaching. 

It has been helping set a tone of professionalism and educational growth in all staff.

I’d say it helped me be a more effective director by freeing up time to focus on meetings and internal structure.”


Meet Talia Levine - the EC Director in Miami Florida

Talia was hesitant about working together, unsure how the long distance would work with achieving her goals.

With 192 children and 11 classrooms- Talia meets A LOT!

She NEEDED to own her calendar and make sure it was serving her.

"Working through this framework has been instrumental for the success of the children and the school at large.  With 192 children and 11 classrooms, I need a crystal clear blueprint to manage and utilize my time well!
Having time on my calendar to meet with the school psychologist and committing to that time frame has been a game changer in keeping our pulse on each student.  Both the school psychologist and I have clarity on EVERY child and their progress.

In addition, I have delegated many tasks to my staff and co workers.  This has freed up over 30% of my time to concentrate on other important areas.

Even though Chanie isn't physically in my building she has guided me in becoming a better leader and in making instrumental changes in my role as Early Childhood Director.  Her feedback and accountability has kept me on track and enabled me to achieve my goals!"


Meet Pearl Stroh, Director of Chabad ELC in the Upper West Side, Manhattan

"Before trying out these new strategies, we didn't really have a system for personal teaching meeting, observation and follow up.

Now, I started making meetings with my teachers twice a week. Tuesday for an hour and Thursdays for 90 minutes.

I learned about the strategies on a Monday morning, by the end of the week I had met with 3 of my teachers! 

I was truly on a high - it was amazing for me and my teachers.

Another thing, I have always wanted to get into the classes and observe., so using the block and tackle method I created a slot in my calendar where I observe in classes.

I was hesitant at first about trying something new - but I LOVE it! My teachers are no longer strangers to me - I know what going on in their lives, and the teachers were thrilled!"


"After incorporating the Block and Tackle method - I've created specific times for parent outreach - I'm now moving onto creating this time block for teacher observation.

It's incredible how much the relationships with parents have improved and It really get it done! 
No more hoping, wishing and praying that I magically find the time to do it - it's on my calendar and I get it done!" 

- Yehudis Steiner, Director at Kinder Sports- Ontario Canada

"I have a lot of talkers and chatters on my team and I needed a system to follow so I can walk out of every meeting with concrete goals and be able to hold them accountable.

Now I have an agenda and it really is so much easier to delegate- before I used to hash out things and not really move the needle.

I feel that I've stopped making excuses that I'm not clear enough- not we have a plan. "
“I come in prepared, knowing what I need to talk about, knowing what needs to be addressed. Before, it was mostly about brainstorming and me just giving them updates. I especially loved your idea of having them fill out the language of appreciation so I know what they love and going over my expectations and THEIR expectations! The strategies I learned impacted me and my school immensely. As I said previously, I am much more organized, and my staff knows what to expect well in advance. When we have an event coming up, they have clear deadlines, expectations etc
I learned an outstanding amount in just a month! I think it was a fantastic investment for my school and I think Chanie is so creative and talented in many areas. She can definitely help a school improve and grow!! It was totally worth it!!”
-- Elana K. , California


Chanie Wilschanski M.S.Ed is an early childhood strategist and leadership coach - founder of DiscoverED Consulting a RESULTS driven company designed for early childhood progressive directors who want top talent teachers, maxed out registration, parents who value their work and more strategies and time with less overwhelm! 

With a decade of experience and extensive training in the Reggio Approach she has had the privilege of training thousands of educators spanning 6 continents and 16 countries. 
She is also the author of the DiscoverED curriculum series - The Ultimate Idea Generator which guides early childhood centers to bringing in more progressive materials and provocations into all the centers for many different units of study and the Jewish Holidays. 

In addition, Chanie currently directs the early childhood program at the Beis Rivkah Seminary in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY where she lives with her husband and 3 children.)

Professional Experience

  • I started my journey over a 11 years ago and taught in Manhattan's innovative Preschool of the Arts for 5 years.
  • In 2012 I got my Masters in Early Childhood and Special ED from Mercy College.
  • Currently I'm a professor for the EC course in Beth Rivkah teaching Seminary.
  • I’ve worked with schools from 6 continents and 16 different countries!

A Bit About Me...

  • I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children ages 2, 4 and 6.
  • A sibling to 7 brothers and sisters
  • A Sensory lover! I have 3 sensory bins in my living room and one of them is a kiddie pool!
  • I’m a suburban girl who who grew up in Elizabeth NJ and now live in Brooklyn NY (still getting used to city life)
  • I write weekly thank you letters - EVERY Friday morning for 30 minutes. I’ve written letters to friends, clients, family members, authors and speakers who have inspired me.
  • I love warm hot espressos and a really good avocado sushi roll
  • I read on average 2 books a week - that range from leadership, early childhood, marketing, parent relationships, productivity and much more.

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