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It’s time for you to start getting the results you want in your school!

You are hardworking, committed, motivated and creative….


Now the question is, how do we bring all this into your school and your staff?

If you want your staff to...

  • Document more

  • Play intentionally with the children

  • Create meaningful relationships with parents

  • Write epic newsletters that go viral (and have new families knocking on your door to register)

  • Bring more progressive materials and ideas into EVERY center...

It ain’t gonna happen on it’s own.

You need the right mindset, strategy and support.

  • Engaging every learning style. In my trainings, I demonstrate how your teachers can be more effective in their classrooms. (That means engaging every learning style, to make sure every child is taken care of.)

  • Keeping you, the director, accountable. You know how easy it is to have great plans and intentions, and then not follow through. My system makes sure you're able to keep taking the steps you need to take.

  • Setting goals. In my trainings, I meet with every team to decide, "What are you taking away from today? What are you committing to?"

  • It's all in the follow-up. Many consultants come in, do a training, and then you never hear from them again. I follow up with every client for at least 30 days. That's the way you get results. That's the way you ensure your staff are reaching their goals. That's the way you can make a transformation in your school.


Shelly Roth

Director of Community Synagouge in Port Washington NY

Before the live event my teachers were familiar with progressive education but weren’t really incorporating into every center.

After the training -  Many of my teachers brought an assortment of loose parts and items into their classrooms and just left them for the children to explore and create their own activities with.  My teachers said it was a challenge not to offer suggestion to the children when they asked what they should do with the materials.  They were amazed at the creative play and art projects that the children created on their own with these materials.

Chanie created  strategy cards for each class and they were so helpful, because my staff said it is natural to fall back to old behaviors and expressions when busy.  Having the strategy cards available gives them a tool to refer to that they can use more developmentally appropriate and thought provoking questions and comments.

Chanie runs a great training session! She is interesting, engaging and gives clear explanations, ideas and examples that the teachers can immediately incorporate into their classrooms.


Wendy Gerson

Director of Yeshiva Darcei Torah, Far Rockaway NY

"Prior to the training, my assistants didn't really feel that they are so integral for the success of the classroom and the children. With Chanie's insight, they learned key tips and strategies to work effectively as a team."

My staff loved the workshop very much & got insight on themselves and how they operate.

Following the training, close to 90% of my staff created the various environmental cues and prompts as strategies to create a more fluid classroom environment.

The real transformation was with 100% of my staff sitting down and creating lists of responsibilities of what every teacher and an assistant are responsible for. There is more crystal clear communication and as a director I see the difference it makes!"




Check out the different ways we can work together...

Center City Jewish Preschool Live event on Intentional Play and Emergent Curriculum.png


The Director Leadership Accelerator

This is a one-on-one, custom coaching program where I work closely with you, the director.

This program is all about helping you step into the role of being a leader.

You will...

  • Get clarity on who you are as a director and learn how to step into your leadership role.

  • Learn the right mindset and strategies to really take your school to the next level!

  • Learn how to create a vision... and then turn that vision into an amazing culture at your school.

  • Gain insight in how to engage your staff, follow up, give feedback and then hold them accountable.

This is a dynamic, engaging and truly empowering experience that will give you everything you need to drive your school forward!

Want to learn more?

Let’s chat and see if we are a good fit.



Virtual Training Workshops

Is your staff struggling with something specific? Or are you interested in focusing on a certain skill set with your teachers?

My Virtual Training Workshops are an easy way to laser in on the topics and skills you'd like your staff to improve on.

Topics can include...

  • Intentional play

  • Reggio Art

  • How to observe and document

  • Creating documentation panels

  • Sensory Integration and Impulsive behavior

  • Bridging play with academics

  • ...and more!


Here is how the program works. 

This virtual training program is for 30 days.

  1. The live interactive workshop is 90 minutes long.

  2. I keep the teachers engaged with thoughtful questions and different exercises.

  3. 2 days after the training they will get started on an email sequence with a review summary of the training and clear action steps for them to do.

  4. Every Monday for the 30 days they will get an email titled (massive action monday) this email will have a few strategies and tips for them to choose from for taking action that week in their class towards creating the storyboard.

  5. 10 days after the training - the director will hop on a 20 minute call with me to see where the staff are holding and where additional support is needed.

  6. At the 20 day mark there will be a follow up support session. At this session the teachers will come with the questions and where they are holding at that point. I will help troubleshoot with them and get the closer to getting the board up on the wall.

  7. Your team gets access to downloadable workbooks and handouts


Here is a snippet of the Reggio Art training I did 4 years ago.



Interested in learning more about a virtual training for your school.



Live Training Events



Want the in-person, hands-on experience that creates a total transformation in your school? I'm available for full-day live trainings that are engaging and truly show your teachers how to bring their classrooms to life.

I work with your staff for 5 hours in an interactive training, where I actually utilize the very same teaching methods I'll be teaching your staff to use.

Your staff will uncover hidden talents and skills within themselves and walk away with a complete strategic plan of action for their class.


Want to know if a live event is a good strategy for your school? Let's talk.

Grab a spot on my calendar here for a complimentary Discovery Session to explore the best options for your school.